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Retirement Income

Learn how leading advisors and brokers deliver retirement income support. Our in-depth research and customized consulting services can provide unique insights to help build your business within this important and growing marketplace.

Insight and Experiences

We bring dedication, intelligence, curiosity, energy, and vision to your service. With more than thirty years of relevant financial services experience, we are intimately familiar with the issues that you confront today.

Contact Us

For more information concerning the capabilities of Practical Perspectives, please contact Howard Schneider, President, at (978) 590-7290, or email Howard Schneider.

Welcome to Practical Perspectives

Practical insights, not broad generalizations. Creative thinking, not predetermined answers. Hands-on support, not pie-in-the-sky recommendations that cannot be readily implemented.

The business issues confronting financial services firms and distributors grow more complex every day. That’s why Practical Perspectives was founded.

Our goal is simple: To help financial services firms resolve critical challenges concerning distribution, marketing, competitive activities, and business strategy.

At Practical Perspectives, we concentrate on helping you make business decisions that enhance your competitiveness. We recognize that there are multiple paths to achieving success in today’s marketplace. Our approach is to work closely with you to find the right path and then identify and implement the initiatives best suited to achieving your goals.

Practical Perspectives can help you resolve the many complicated and significant competitive challenges you currently confront. Looking beyond general industry data and background trends, we craft specific responses and action steps tailored to the important issues determining your business success — today and in the future. We do this by applying sensibility and perspective grounded in real world experience.

Our commitment is to help our clients succeed — competitively and financially — by considering opportunities and challenges in innovative and impactful ways.

Practical Perspectives